Cybercrime Stats

The following information will give you an idea of the prevalence of cybercrime and how well antivirus applications protect against attacks.


82,000  new malicious software variants created every day
Source: Brian Krebs, Spam Nation (Sourcebooks, 2014)

850,000 Facebook scams in 2014
Source: Bitdefender Study 2014


38% of smartphone users have been a victim of cybercrime
Source: Norton Report 2013

43% of computer users don’t routinely install security updates
Source: Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit  2013


Dennis Technology Labs: Home antivirus application test results from Oct-Dec 2012.

Ponenmon Institute Report: The Cost of Cybercrime 2012

TechRepublic: Infographic: 2012, the year of password theft

Updated: 2015-12-31